Friday, June 11, 2010

Letter from a Mom (fan)

Rating: 5/5

My 4 year old son absolutely adores me reading to him, and when he saw the cover of this book, he demanded that I read it to him right away.  Both of us really enjoyed the story! 

He loved it because it was story of a pig.  I loved it for the lessons that I've seen him learn from it, even though we only finished it a few days ago.  He was deepened by my teachings of self-esteem and standing up for not only what you believe in, but for what is right.  We both enjoyed the story of a young boy given a unique birthday present/pet, and how sometimes you get the things you didn't even know you needed until you received it.  The story flowed so well, I didn't feel any thing was lacking in how one person got from one place to another, and the quest that our young hero took was very riveting.  The time spent in the rain storm in a log was worthy of college literature class discussions on symbolism.  And while I read into the book more than my son did, he loved it too.  He enjoyed growing with the characters and the pig.

Now, please get him off my back about why we can't have a pet pig in our apartment!
PJ Culley

[PV: I wrote back to tell PJ's son that pigs aren't happy unless they can be outside to root and such.  But I suspect that once pig-mania takes over, there's no talking a kid out of it. I also asked her to write a review of the book and post it wherever she felt comfortable.

As an aside, it's been hard to get the word out about NJFBA, I'm not published by a big publisher, no marketing money to speak of, and the major print reviewers automatically excluded my book from consideration. Very frustrating. Yet, it's letters like this that make writing the book all worth it.]

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