Monday, July 12, 2010

One year old — still no job

I put the Gummy Bear to work, today. You should have heard the complaining:

1) I can't walk yet
2) I'm only awake two hours in a row
3) I still make in my pants
4) You're making this up; I can't talk yet!

Okaaaaay, I'll give him another year. Then it's chore time. Seriously, there is nothing cuter than a two year old carrying a plate as big as their chest. Toddle, toddle, smack plate on table. Cringe. You go through a lot of dishware this way, but I make it up by buying stock in Williams-Sonoma. It evens out.


  1. You didn't give him the power floor sander??


  2. too funny... my hubs has mentioned several times that he can't wait for little man to be able to "contribute" to the house I.E. do all of the chores that he is supposed to do

  3. I LOLed at "I still make in my pants!"

  4. He needs to pull his weight! If he can eat, he can work :)

    New follower here!

    As Liz mentioned on Twitter, turn off word verification!! ;)

  5. No more comment speed-bumps. Word verification is now off.


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