Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogger Awards: Handing out a Little Shine

Yeah, I go big on blogger awards, or I go home.

I've received this award a couple of times and, honesty time, didn't quite get it. What the award was for, why it was given. Over think. Over think. Finally, the synapses connected: It's a compliment, PV, just go with it.

So I've decided to give out my own, to readers of this blog whom I believe are versatile (do more than one thing) and are a bit undiscovered and deserve a little shine.

In no particular order:

M.J.A. Ware. He's an aspiring middle grade author like me. So already he has my empathy. Blogs about writing (his and others). Check him out.

Tracy Sharp. An established writer, she blogs about everything: music, writing, family. Her post about searching for truth really got to me. Her books are on my TBR pile.

Anne R. Allen. When she posts about writing, pay attention. She's spot on—all the time. I haven't read anything by her, yet, but I know it will be good.

Donna Perugini. Just look at her illustrations. Cutest. Ever. Blogs from a Christian perspective and is great about interacting with her readership.

I am a Reader Not a Writer. That says it all. Kathy does book reviews, conducts giveaways (she's the one who wrangled me into that blog hop a while ago.) Her enthusiasm for books is infectious.

Melissa Getting Published. That's her aim, but her blog is so much more. Though she's the last on this list, she was the first person I thought of for the award. She posts about 'cool words that they make you type when you want to leave a comment', the mechanics of writing, Komodo dragons, her followers, everything. Versatile.

So these are my six. Why six? Because that's the number.

1 comment:

  1. Some interesting looking blogs there. I'll check them out. Thanks for sharing.


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