Monday, May 9, 2011

Daughter's First Concert. With a Boy.

My fourteen year old daughter went to a concert. With a boy.

And I drove.

Daddy panic. Yeah, I had it.

To start with, the band is called My Chemical Romance. Perhaps you've sung along to such titles as "Thank you for The Venom", "Kill All Your Friends", and "Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us."

I'm not making any of these up.

Don't get me wrong, I was a scarer of parents from way back. My poison was Alice Cooper with his faked suicides and songs about blowing schools to pieces.

Let's just say that karma took it's sweet time, but she finally showed up.

But if I was worried about these two kids trysting in a mosh pit, the conversation between them during the ride calmed my nerves.

She: You're a butt.
He: No, you're a butt.
She: Are you calling me a butt?

They're both butts.

Before dropping them off, there is a moment for a dad to address the boy who will be escorting his daughter for the evening.

Mine was this: "Anything happens to my daughter, and there's no mark on you, I'll fix that. Got it?"

We bumped knuckles.

We cool.


  1. This is not something I'll have to face as I have three boys. The only comparison is having a shotgun to make sure that he marries the girl.

  2. @Martin

    You are a daughter daddy's best friend.

  3. I like your address. Short, to the point.
    When the time comes to tell our boys how it's going to be, the address will be - Keep it wrinkled.
    So glad I don't have daughters though. That's just scary.

  4. @Bethany

    It's weird seeing myself in a different gender. My daughter acts like me, thinks like me, but in girl form.

    Which is why I'm nervous.

    'Keep it wrinkled.' You're too funny.

  5. Glad we had boys. Glad they're grown up. Glad I never had to drive them for a date (though finding your car missing - taken out in a snow storm by a 15-year-old kinda sucked). My youngest was friends with Bam Margera of MTV's 'Jackass' fame (same neighborhood). Nuff said? Well, we survived so there's pros & cons, I guess.

  6. @Dave

    A friend once said that boys are hard in the beginning, easier later. Girls are reversed.

    So far, I have no experience to say that man was wrong.

  7. I got ten more years before I get this this point; I wonder if I'll have any hair left to pull out?

    Best of luck and let me know if you learn any tricks.

  8. @MJA,

    First trick, you'll grow and change with your daughter. Get used to her becoming an adult. Hard to imagine now, but true.

    To purposefully misquote that old saw: "children are safest in the nursery, but that's not why children are made."

    Good luck.


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