Friday, February 22, 2013

Tales From An Indie Author: Google Play

Today, Amazon notified me that they're kicking me out of their lending library (ok, giving me five days—OR ELSE) because of a breach of agreement. That is, their exclusivity clause. They provided a link as proof. And they're right: there is my book, Not Just For Breakfast Anymore, on sale at Google Play.

Without my permission.

If you've ever used Google Editions, you already know what I know. It is hard to use, finding vital information is like a scavenger hunt in mud, at midnight, while blindfolded, and there's no way to contact them.

If a matter isn't about obscenity or copyright, Google doesn't want to know you. In fact (they admit) even then they may or may not respond anyway.

I removed my book from Google Editions over a year ago. But I logged in today, and there it was. A duplicate of my book, which I didn't upload, for sale. I quickly deleted it know what? I have no idea if that's enough.

I don't blame Amazon for enforcing their contract. Duh, I agreed to it. But as an independent author, these whack-a-mole problems with e-distributors can be so frustrating. Little ole me against the faceless corporate machine of nested menus, techno-speech, and monumental indifference.

My advice to you Indies: avoid Google books. Exactly zero people I know has ever sold a book there, and you don't need the technical problems. Believe me.

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