Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ever been afraid to go to school? I have.

My bully's name was Dipper, and he liked to strike in the locker room after gym class. Thinking back, it was minor stuff: comments, throwing towels into running showers—that sort of thing. Back then, it seemed so huge. Affected my whole day. Week, even. I would ask myself, what was I going to do? Tell a teacher? That would be 'telling'. Fight him? He never laid a hand on me.

How I wish I could go back to tell my 12 year old self what to do.

Teaching our kids how to deal with bullies, whether the push-you-around kind, or the get-in-your-head variety, is more important than ever. Now a school yard taunt can evolve into a viral video on Youtube. What a bully says can now go around the world.

Oh, and what ever happened to my bully? Dipper? He's a taxidermist now. Yeah.... And, boy, has he ever shrunk. One day I should tell him he inspired the bully I put in my book. Maybe the next time I need a toilet bowl shampoo.


  1. What would you have told your 12 year old self, please do tell?

  2. Glad you asked.

    Dear younger PV,
    Stand up for yourself: A bruise today will be gone tomorrow, but your self-respect won't so quickly recover.

    Don't let the bully win.


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