Saturday, August 7, 2010

Diary of a Dadurday

7:05 I can hear baby babble. Why is his mother still sleeping?

7:07 Oh, yeah. It's Dadurday: The day mom sleeps in.

7:08 Coffee!

7:09 What's does Gummybear eat? Hey, honey...oops.

7:10 I remember a mushy bowl of...stuff. Like a paste. Flour?

7:11 *snaps fingers* Babies drink milk. Yeah, that's what they do.

7:12 Where are the sippy cups? Hey, honey...oops.

7:13 More coffee!

7:14 It's been hours.

7:15 There goes a banana. Now what do I do?

7:16 Baby is banging on the bedroom door.

7:17 No instructions written anywhere.

7:19 Still banging. Now using a block.

7:20 I wonder if she's okay?

7:21 I should go in there. And bring the baby.

7:22 *opens door* Hey, honey...oops.


  1. My goodness. You've channeled the spirit of my husband. Banana and everything.

  2. We all read from the same handbook. Bananas fall under the heading: Pre-packaged food is good food.

  3. Your wife got 22 whole minutes. What a lucky lady.


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