Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dusty says, "Hey, Gummybear, come be with the guys."


  1. Hi PV I've set up that group, so if you'd like to pop over to Scribblerati, we can get things underway. Off to bed, it's nearly midnight here, hope to speak tomorrow.
    Regards, Carole.

  2. PV,
    Your nine year old looks very secure in your arms as he reaches out to include his brother. I was also the elder sister who was jealous of the little sister. It wasn't revealed until we were much older that she was jealous of me and all my rights and privileges.

    Parents can overcome anything sibling rivalry throws at them with a wholly-accepting, everlasting love for each child.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the Blogs of Note posting. It was a day like no other! It's still moving along but not at the frantic pace in the beginning.

    Your book would be excellent reading material for our 10 year old grandson. Can I purchase through you with an autograph? Good old Bookbuzzr nailed it with you reading selections!
    donnaperugini at gmail dot com

  3. @Donna,
    Dusty has his moments of jealousy, I think. Yet he is so sweet at heart, it never turns petty.

    I make a point of hugging Dusty whenever the baby is around.

  4. What a sweet photo of you 3!


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