Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hostess Glo Balls; a Scientific Inquiry

Today's Subject: Superhero-ed Sno Balls

Usually Sno Balls are pink or white; colors frequently associated with twelve-year-old girls bathrooms. These are green—have Green Lantern (a superhero) on the box—and are called Glo Balls. Glowing green is a color usually associated with plutonium rods inside nuclear reactors.

Today's investigation: Are they truly a dessert for cadets of the intergalactic police force?

First fact: they don't really glo(w). Any and all luminosity was achieved via a flash. (Please note this refers to a camera flash and not a super hero by that same name.)

First bite analysis: coconut sprinkles, marshmallow outer covering, inside is chocolate cake with creme filling. Just like a Sno Ball. Burp had a mildly plastic aftertaste, almost waxy. Subject does not feel super powered.

Conclusion: They are just Sno Balls painted green.

Per FFC regulations, this post requires a disclaimer: Product was self-purchased and no compensation was received from Hostess or the Green Lantern Corp. Ingredients include 'beef fat' and should not be consumed by vegans or those allergic to fat or beef. Or glowing things.

Hostess and Green Lantern are trademarks of their respective multi-million dollar conglomerates. Whom, I'm sure, have excellent senses of humor.


  1. Sno-balls have always been my most unfavorite of the non-food items we consume as "snacks" But these wayyy trump the pink ones in awfulness. I think maybe they ARE cadets of an alien invasion force. What do you think might burst forth from your innards after you ingested one? Cue Sigourney Weaver...

    Love the glowing pictures.

  2. Did you start glowing after eating? That's what I would be worried about. This is definately a Frankenfood.

  3. @Anne

    It was all in the name of science!

    I will say they won't replace my beloved whoopie pies, any time soon.

  4. @Melissa

    I didn't. But, in spring, they come out with lavender ones. I have hopes of being the color of an Oompa-Loompa by April.

  5. Hmmm...I generally like green food (lettuce, broccoli, peas, etc.). I have a problem with the whole "glo" thing, though. Have to say, I don't think GloBalls are going GloBal anytime soon.

  6. I wanted my kid to be an Oompa-Loompa for Halloween. Couldn't find white overalls.

    Normally I love all things Hostess, but the coconut in those things makes it a no-go for me. Which is sad, because usually the more unnatural a snack food appears, the better it tastes.


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