Monday, November 29, 2010

Gratitude Giveaway Winner is Picked!

I'm so excited, my first giveaway. I rented a billboard in Time Square for the occasion.

Yeah, my marketing budget was huge on this one.

And now...

*drum roll*

Winner is Taffy! Expect an email asking where you want me to send a copy of NOT JUST FOR BREAKFAST ANYMORE. Congratulations.

And for everyone else: thanks for entering. I've gone over to every one of your blogs and I'm hoping to get to know all of you in the coming weeks. I love talking books!


  1. Entertaining blog -- love the way you pick winners! By the way, I just left you a Versatile Blogger Award at my blog -- stop by to claim it and pass it on. (Sorry, I didn't have the budget to post the award on a Times Square billboard.)


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