Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Talk

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There's a time when a dad has to have that 'talk' with his growing son. His body's changing and hair is growing in embarrassing places. *ahem* I imagined the conversation would go something like this:

"Hey, you're stinky. Your mother and sister don't like it. So shower, will you?"

Come to find out, the women had been beating him with the smelly stick all week—pretty good. Threatening to run him through a soapy Slip 'n Slide like a human car wash. Inviting the neighbors over and handing out sponges. Uploading the video to Youtube.* You know, sensitive stuff like that.

Dusty hasn't discovered girls, yet. For me, at least, that was the start of the every-day showering and the mastery of the hair dryer. Developing mad ninja skills with a stick of deodorant just followed from there.

I explained to him that unless he wanted to be confused with a homeless person, he was going to have to fake the whole civilization thing: wearing clean clothes, brushing his hair, and showering. Let go of the babyhood, and embrace adulthood.

I don't think that one 'talking to' will fix everything. As that wise shampoo bottle imparted to me, so many years ago when I was first learning to impress the fifth grade girls: lather, rinse, repeat.

* I might be exaggerating. A lot.


  1. My eldest has been showering daily since he was 11. The other two (15 & 11) come out in a rash and the mere hint of soap.

    Good luck with the 'hints'.

  2. Thanks.

    I'm trying to stay positive.

  3. We raised 2 boys through all the stink.

    The first one broke out in acne all over his face and became a candidate for U of M medical trials...pills vs 'special'soap. I wouldn't let him take anything internally, so he was given the 'magical' bar of soap.

    He washed his face twice a day and made an incredible discovery. Soap works for horrific acne if applied to the face! That and he was paid $150 by the U of M to come to that conclusion was worth the many short trips.


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