Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wondering Why Baby Can't Sleep

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Now that baby lives in the woods, he misses the sounds of the city. So we got him a sound machine.

It goes: Do Dee Dum, Do Dee Dum.

After he got a cough, we got him a vaporizer.

It goes: Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

He misses the lighting from the streetlights, so we got him a night light. Hey, why not two?

So when baby couldn't sleep the other night, I entered his room.

Do Dee Dum! Whoosh, whoosh! Do Dee Dum! I read baby Goodnight Moon by night light.

I don't know why baby can't sleep.

Maybe he misses the night life? Next week I'm installing a disco ball.


  1. Hilarious. Maybe he need a tape of cars driving by and sirens going off. Or is that just in my city? (Hugs)Indigo

  2. @Indigo

    He really misses the drunken teenagers that were next door. I'll set my alarm to start smashing bottles at 1am.

  3. Tried playing music? It doesn't always work, but it my be better than anything else.

  4. Possibly.

    But at this point I'm thinking addition by subtraction.

  5. Haven't had to worry about kids sleeping for many years, my youngest is 30. When they started driving, I was the one that didn't sleep. Like you, I write for kids (2 books, so far), am a baseball fanatic - Go Phils, (former baseball coach) & I'm looking forward to the start of spring training here in Florida. Good luck with the sleepin' thing... & your books.

  6. @JaxPop

    My oldest is two years from driving, so I'm investing in tranquilizers now. :P

    Your books have the coolest covers I have ever seen. Sure to be a hit. Can't wait to read.

  7. My thoughts were more along the line of a strobe light. Keep baby awake in the day more and baby will sleep more at night. Baby might have it's days and nights mixed up!

    Your 'flash' baby makes me uneasy. I feel I must make baby happy.....

  8. @Donna

    A baby's cry can cut through any sleep for a parent. Must. Sooth. Must.


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