Sunday, February 13, 2011

Even the cat laughed at me

Cats are so stupid. Climbing up things that they can't climb down from.

So, last night, the smoke detector started beeping. Battery, more than likely. The problem was that this detector is on the ceiling, with only a small ledge to reach it from.

It's ten pm; I don't want to disturb anyone — I'm limber. I built a platform of chairs and step stool, and climbed right up and changed the battery.

Looked down.

Boy, did I ever want to meow.


  1. Lovely post, hope you and cat are in one piece.

  2. @Carole
    Yeah, I got rescued. I'll never make fun of cats again!

  3. I've so been there. At a very short 5'1 I tend to think I can climb anywhere to get what I need (counters, tall ladders). You absolutely can't look down. It's not the same as getting up there. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. @Indigo

    I'm the parent at the playground who climbs the jungle gym with his kids. I totally thought I had this.


  5. @JaxPop

    My dreams of competitive parkour — dashed!


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