Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tales From an Indie Author: The Audio Book

Today, Not Just for Breakfast Anymore launches as a serialized audio book. Narrated by me.

Becoming your own recording studio is no easier than becoming your own publisher, let me tell you. It involves learning a whole new craft — I've developed a big respect for voice over talent. Those guys earn their keep.

What I Did

I got a microphone, sealed off part of the house, and started to record in Garage Band (free with Macs). Think you know your book? Try reading it out loud. What's obvious in print is no longer there in audio.

I used royalty-free sound effects and stock music clips. Again, trying to lower costs to just time spent.

I flubbed words all over the place. Re-recording led to levels being off. Thank god for the app Levelator!

Where I Did

Podiobooks. The learning curve, for a novice like me, felt like a putting a puzzle together. In the dark. Missing pieces.

Don't get me wrong, Podiobooks is used to newbies like me and emailed detailed instructions. Pages. But they don't hand hold. Be prepared to cobble together your own process. Again, this is like learning a whole new craft. It can be done with minimal cost and programs that are free to you. You just have to really want to do it.

Why I Did

Audio books have been the launchpad for many an indie. If nothing else, it is another avenue for prospective readers to find my work. Besides, it was fun.

In addition to my book, check out the others at Podiobooks. Books are free, though donations are appreciated. The quality is fantastic and there's something there for anyone's taste.


  1. Now that's an interesting thought. I'll have to check that one out.

  2. Not an audio book fan myself but I know PLENTY that are. Will be sharing this bit of news post haste...and thanks for the peek behind the scenes!

  3. Lovely post. How long was your book, you read everything..... What of those that have African accent like myself. lol

  4. @JO,
    36k. A short novel, but it takes a loooong time to record.

    You don't think people would like to hear your accent? Not so sure about that. I happen to like accents, and consider them the spice of language.

    Thank you for visiting my blog; always nice to hear from another writer.


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